Shopping Mall

Project Details
Nilesh Gola
Site Area
28300 sq.m.
Buildup Area
58600 sq.m.
Noida - India

Trendy Shopping Mall

Shopping Centre is located on the highway, in a development zone, which is excepted to have office and residential buildings in the future. The main criteria used in determining the design and form are derived from the structure’s particular location turning it’s back derived from the exposed to the sheltered open square, which is excepted to become the new gathering area.

• A separate sideline is provided in the divert the traffic and prevent congestion at the entry of the site.

• The building form provides visual and physical penetration in the site.

• The big voids on the north side create a welcoming entry to the site and act as a gateway.

• The target of shopping mall is to attract large number of peoples of different group and culture level trough building façade and their open spaces.

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